Welcome to Speech-Language Services!

Speech-language services are provided at both Shiloh Elementary and at Shiloh Middle School for students residing in District #85 who are identified as having special communication needs. A student may be eligible for these services if he or she exhibits a delay or disorder in his or her development of articulation of speech sounds, development of receptive/expressive language skills or if he or she has disfluent speech or abnormal voice production. Students may be referred at any time during the school year.   

Shiloh Village School District #85 employs two ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), one full-time and one part-time, to serve our elementary and middle school population. Our responsibilities include screening students referred to us by concerned parents or teachers, determining if an evaluation is necessary, testing and diagnosing students with communication impairments and, ultimately,  providing speech-language therapy for the improvement of communication skills. When therapy is indicated as a result of an evaluation, sessions are conducted on an individual or small-group basis during the school day and scheduling is carefully coordinated with the student's classroom teacher.

If you would like more information about this program, please contact:

Ms. Elizabeth Hettler      ehettler@shi85.org                  632-7434, ext. 320

Mrs. Alicia Luechtefeld  aluechtefeld@shi85.org