'Treasure' Material List

Throughout the year, we use many materials that you may find in your home.  The following is a list of these items. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. The students many bring these items to school on their art day.


egg cartons                             plastic gallon ice cream

styrofoam meat trays              detergent squeeze bottles

buttons                                    rolls of aluminum foil

coffee filters                             paper lunch bags

baby food jars                         cardboard tubes (paper towels or toilet paper)

large fabric scraps                   cottage cheese containers

butter containers                     yogurt containers

ziploc bags                              wire (colorful telephone wire)

skewer sticks                            paper plates    (small and large)

Baby Wipes                              old magazines       

ribbons, beads                         old bed sheets

Art books                                  old calendars

toothbrushes                            tools (of any kind)

kitchen utensils



Thank you for your support and your cooperation. If there are ever any question or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 618-632-7434 ext 120 or ljjohns@shi85.org