Race for Reading
Race for Reading


Race for Reading

"Race for Reading" will begin on September 1st and continue throughout the school year.  Each month students will have a reading goal that he or she will have to achieve.  You and your child will track the minutes your child reads on the goal sheet that has been provided.  I recommend that you and your child keep track of their minutes daily.  On the goal sheet your child will keep track of the date, title of the book, and minutes spent reading.  You will need to sign the sheet to verify that your child has read.  Sheets not signed by an adult will not be accepted.


        Every month the goal with increase just a bit, but every goal they achieve, they will move in the race.  This is set up to encourage reading because reading is so important.  It is a requirement for every student in 2nd Grade to participate in this activity.  I realize that not every student enjoys reading, but reading is the basic foundation of school.  I feel that every student can achieve his or her goal!


        The following is the "Race for Reading" schedule for the rest of the school year.  Each month the goal will be minimally increased by 10 minutes.  Here is the schedule:


September:          200 minutes                       

October:               210 minutes

November:          220 minutes                       

December:           230 minutes

January:               240 minutes

February:             250 minutes

March:                 260 minutes

April:                   270 minutes


          We do not complete minutes for May because this is the month that we celebrate all of the hard work the students put in to complete this program.  We celebrate by having a pizza party at the end of the school year for all the students that met his or her goal each month.