Grades – 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grades
Project Grades

 A    =        Followed All Directions
Very Neat and Creative
Finished the Project

B     =        Followed All Directions
Average Care Taken
Finished Project

C     =        Directions Not Followed
Sloppy and Disorganized
Not Finished 

D     =         No Directions Followed
Work Completed

E     =         No Work At All


Daily Grades

Followed Directions 
Use Materials Wisely
Work During Class

A         =          All the Above
B          =            Missed One
C         =          Missed Two or More   

During the quarter, all students must complete a project to be displayed in the District Art Show. Many students have more than one piece in the show, but it is a course requirement that all students must have at least one piece of artwork. They have the entire quarter to complete this requirement.